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SNM, The Society of Nuclear Medicine

The Society of Nuclear Medicine home page has information about organization, membership, professional services, publications, meeting, and products & services.

The Society of Nuclear Medicine, Computer and Instrumentation Council

Home Page

The Computer and Instrumentation Council home page, located at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology was put together by Jerry Wallis. The home page includes pointers to recent Computer and Instrumentation Council newsletters and to other Nuclear Medicine services.
Report of the Internet Focus Group, J Nucl Med 1996; 37:178.

File Server and Mail Reflector

A file server and mail reflector is maintained by Trevor Cradduck at the University of Western Ontario for the Computer and Instrumentation Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

To subscribe send an e-mail message to: and put the words subscribe nucmed <name> in the body, where <name> is your name. To unsubscribe, send a message to with the words unsubscribe nucmed in the body. Other options available for the mailing list are listed when you send help or help set to

Information including a calendar of Nuclear Medicine meetings and Interfile specifications can be obtained from the Nuclear Medicine section of the LARG*net WWW server.


British Nuclear Medicine Society
SEMN, Spanish Nuclear Medicine Society

Loyola University Nuclear Information System (LUNIS)

LUNIS provides an array of information services to the Nuclear Medicine community e.g. e-mail, bulletin board, etc. LUNIS may be accessed using a hypertext/hypermedia browser (password needed). Registered users may use telnet to establish an interactive session.

UCLA, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

UCLA, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology home page includes a link to an online version of Let's Play PET.

PET Mail Reflector

A mail reflector dedicated to PET issues is maintained by Beth Harkness. The content relates to all PET issues, but needless to say, much recent traffic has related to the draconian FDA policies.


Produced and operated by Radiation Internal Dose Information Center, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (sysop: James B. Stubbs, PhD, DOSE-NET provides four services relating to internal dosimetry. MIRDOSE, a dosimetry program, for windows (uch!) machines can be obtained by writing to:
If you own version 3.0 of MIRDOSE, you can obtain a copy of Version 3.1 (EXE file only) by anonymous ftp (binary) from the Dose-Net server, Put mirdos31.exe in the directory with other MIRDOSE files. Change mirdose.exe to mirdos31.exe in File_Properties_Command Line.

NIH Image

NIH Image is an exceptionally useful Macintosh image display package. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp, Mark D. Wittry, has modified NIH Image for Nuclear Medicine which can be obtained from the contrib directory, It is also available from the Division of Nuclear Medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine. This version supports importation of vendor data into TIFF format and provides a variety of routines that will work on individual images or stacks of images. Custom color tables and easy access to convolution kernels are supported. Time activity curves and simple back-projection are available. the file is known as "NucMed_Image159slu09.hqx" and contains documentation. Questions or suggestions regarding this application may be sent to Mark D. Wittry, MD at

Nuclear Medicine Physics

Commerical Nuclear Medicine Locations

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