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Mark Albers

Systems/Molecular Approaches to Elucidate Mechanisms that Cause Neurodegenerative Disease; Develop/Validate Novel Therapeutic Approaches

Mark Andermann

Circuit approaches to understanding selective processing of motivationally salient sensory stimuli

Matthew Anderson

Molecular and Circuit Defects Underlying Human Genetic Forms of Autism and Epilepsy

Todd E. Anthony

Genetic dissection of neural circuits that control stress-induced behavioral states

Paola Arlotta

Investigation of the molecular mechanisms governing development and reprogramming of neuronal subtypes in the mammalian cerebral cortex.

John Assad

Cognitive processing in mammalian brain

Brian Bacskai

Optical imaging in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease

Justin Baker

Deep phenotyping in mental illness

Bruce Bean

Neuronal excitability and ion channel pharmacology

Nicholas Bellono

Sensory biology and cell physiology

Larry Benowitz

Axonal development and reorganization

Sabina Berretta

Extracellular matrix/neuron/glia interactions in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Vadim Bolshakov

Cellular and network-level mechanisms of innate and learned fear

Richard Born

Neural Circuitry of Primate Visual Cortex

Brastianos, Priscilla

Characterization of the genetic evolution and identification of novel therapeutics for primary and metastatic brain tumors

Xandra Breakefield

Genetic etiology, role of exosomes and gene therapy for neurologic diseases

Emery N. Brown

Neural Signal Processing and Mechanisms of General Anesthesia

M. Christian Brown


Joshua Buckholtz

brain Circuit Mechanisms for Decision-Making in Health and Disease

Randy Buckner

Human neuroscience explorations of large-scale brain circuit function and dysfunction

Barak Caine

Behavioral Pharmacology of Stimulant Drugs and Brain Dopamine Systems

Camprodon, Joan

Neuropsychiatry/Neuromodulation: Translational human circuit neuroscience across the psychiatry/neurology continuum

William Carlezon

How experience affects the brain and behavior

Constance Cepko

Retinal development and degeneration, development of transsynaptic tracing viruses and nanobody reagents

Elena Chartoff

Molecular mechanisms and neural circuits of motivated behavior related to addiction in rodent models

Chinfei Chen

Synaptic Plasticity in the CNS

Dong Feng Chen

Mechanisms mediating neurodegeneration and regeneration

Zheng-Yi Chen

Understanding the causes and development of treatment for hearing loss

Isaac Chiu

Neuro-immunology of pain, host defense and neurodegeneration

Adam Cohen

Optical electrophysiology and neuronal biophysics

Jonathan Cohen

Ligand-Gated Ion Channels: Structure and Function

Kathryn Commons

Understanding the contribution of central serotonin neurotransmission to behavior and psychopathology.

David Corey

Ion Channels in Neural Cell Membranes

Michael Crickmore

Neurobiology of motivational states

Charles Czeisler

Physiology of the human circadian timing system and its relationship to the sleep-wake cycle

Sandeep Robert Datta

Sensorimotor computations during naturalistic mammalian behavior

Benjamin de Bivort

Characterizing the molecular, neural circuit and ecological underpinnings of behavioral diversity in fruit flies.

Ulf Dettmer

Modeling protein dyshomeostasis in Parkinson's disease and exploring strategies to correct it

Michael Do

Sensing light for perception and physiological control

Min Dong

Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and botulinum neurotoxins

Jan Drugowitsch

Statistical computations and neuronal mechanisms underlying complex decisions and behavior under uncertainty

Catherine Dulac

Neurobiology of Social Behavior

Susan Dymecki

Specialization in the Serotonin System Shapes Behavior and Regulates Homeostasis

Florian Engert

To build a multi-scale model that describes how a living brain interacts with its environment

Elizabeth Engle

Genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms of cranial motor neuron and axon development in health and disease; functional genomics and noncoding etiologies of Mendelian disorders

Michela Fagiolini

Experience-Dependent Neuronal Circuit Maturation and Plasticity

Mel Feany

Genetics of neurodegenerative disease

Filbin, Mariella

Pediatric brain tumors, a developmental and micro-environmental perspective

Gord Fishell

The genetics, biochemistry and physiology of forebrain inhibition.

John Flanagan

Cell-cell signaling in development and regeneration of axonal connections

Nadine Gaab

Developmental cognitive neuroscience and pediatric neuroimaging with a special focus on language-based learning disabilities

Rachelle Gaudet

Structural biology of signaling and transport across cellular membranes

Gwenaelle Geleoc

Functional development of sensory hair cells of the mammalian inner ear and gene therapy of Usher Syndrome

Samuel Gershman

Computational cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory.

Satrajit Ghosh

Neuroimaging, speech communication, and machine learning for mental health and medicine

David Ginty

The functional organization of neural circuits underlying the perception of touch

Lisa Goodrich

Development and organization of neural circuits underlying hearing and vision

Michael E. Greenberg

Signaling networks that regulate synapse development

Anna Greka

Ion channels and calcium signaling in health and disease

Chenghua Gu

Mechanisms of neuro-vascular interactions in the central nervous system

Penny Hallett

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease, and testing neuroprotective and neurorestorative therapies

Christopher Harvey

Neural circuits underlying cognitive behaviors in mice

Corey Harwell

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Cortical Circuit Assembly

Zhigang He

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Axon Guidance and Regeneration

Maxwell Heiman

How neurons and glia pick their partners, using C. elegans as a model

Takao Hensch

Critical Period Mechanisms of Experience-Dependent Brain Development

Jeffrey Holt

Sensory Transduction in Hair Cells of the Mammalian Inner Ear

Jun Huh

Bacteria, immune cells and neurodevelopment

Bradley Hyman

Neurobiology of neurodegenerative diseases using human, mouse, and culture systems, and employing advanced microscopy methods

Artur Indzhykulian

Hair cell mechanotransduction, stereocilia bundle morphology and ultrastructure, AAV gene therapy for Usher Syndrome

Ole Isacson

Neuron and glia disease mechanisms of age-dependent degeneration and repair

Pascal Kaeser

Architecture and plasticity of neurotransmitter release sites

Joshua Kaplan

Genetic analysis of synaptic transmission

Rakesh Karmacharya

Neurobiology of disease: Chemical biology approaches in huan iPSC-derived neurons

Vikram Khurana

Genome and Proteome-Scale Dissection of Neurodegenerative Proteinopathy in Human Stem Cell Models

Kwang-Soo Kim

Molecular and stem cell research of the dopamine system to study and treat human diseases

Bernat Kocsis

Forebrain oscillations in rodent models of psychiatric diseases


Karl Koehler

Modeling sensory organ development and regeneration

Talia Konkle

Cognitive and neural architecture of high-level vision

Edward Kravitz

Behavioral genetic studies of aggression in Drosophila

Gabriel Kreiman

Visual object recognition: computational models and neurophysiological mechanisms

Matt LaVoie

The role of proteostasis deficits and mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases

Wei-Chung Allen Lee

Structure and function of neuronal networks underlying sensorimotor integration

Maria Lehtinen

Mechanisms of brain development, with a focus on the choroid plexus-cerebrospinal fluid system

Michael Levy

Immunopathogenesis and animal modeling of autoimmune neurological diseases of the central nervous system

Stephen Liberles

Internal and External Sensory Systems

Jeff Lichtman

Studies of synaptic circuitry and their rearrangements

Jonathan Lipton

Circadian rhythms and translational control in neurological diseases of the developing brain

Margaret Livingstone

Visual perception, object recognition, higher cognitive functions, vision and art

Mary Loeken

Molecular regulation of neural tube development and neural tube defects in diabetic pregnancy

Bradford Lowell

Neural regulation of hunger, other homeostatic motivational drives, autonomic nervous system, and the neuroendocrine system

Kun Ping Lu

Molecular mechanisms and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer

Qiufu Ma

The coding of pain versus itch

Jeffrey Macklis

Mammalian cerebral cortex– fundamental molecular development, neuronal diversity, development-maintenance of specific circuitry, degenerative diseases, regeneration

Evan Macosko

Genomic analyses of brain cell function and dysfunction

Joseph Majzoub

Hypothalamic role in mammalian endocrine and behavioral responses to stress

Steven McCarroll

Human genome variation, schizophrenia, and the molecular biology of neurons and microglia

Sean Megason

Development of the spinal cord and inner ear using in toto imaging in zebrafish

Venkatesh Murthy

Algorithms and Neural Circuits in Olfaction

Victor Navarro

Neuroendocrine control of reproductive function and metabolism

Charles Nelson

Developmental cognitive neuroscience, with particular interests in experience-dependent development

Silke Nuber

PD-like mice with unique features, including male preponderance, tremor and L-DOPA-responsive gait deficits

Bence Ölveczky

Neural circuit mechanisms underlying the acquisition and control of complex motor sequences

Lauren Orefice

Development, function and dysfunction of the somatosensory system

Pehlevan, Cengiz

Theoretical neuroscience

Diego Pizzagalli

Clinical neuroscience and neurobiology of depression

Poduri, Annapurna

Genetic underpinnings and mechanisms of epilepsy, from human genetics to zebrafish models

Daniel Polley

Neuromodulation and plasticity in the auditory system

Francisco Quintana

Regulation of the adaptive and the innate immune response.

Meenakshi Rao

Enteric nervous system regulation of gastrointestinal and metabolic homeostasis

Wade Regehr

Synaptic plasticity and cerebellar function

William Renthal

Epigenomics of neuronal plasticity and chronic pain

Kerry Ressler

Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Neural Circuitry of Fear in Animals and Human Fear-Related Disorders

Dragana Rogulja

The genetic and neural basis of sleep in Drosophila

Paul Rosenberg

glutamate transporters, cell death, sleep/wake regulation

Alexander Rotenberg

Cortical excitation:inhibition balance in health and disease

Bernardo Sabatini

Cellular and synaptic mechanisms of learning and development

Amar Sahay

Hippocampal circuit and plasticity mechanisms underlying memory processing and regulation of mood

Mustafa Sahin

Cellular Mechanisms of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Epilepsy

Aravinthan Samuel

Sensory and Behavioral Neuroscience

Joshua Sanes

Assembly of neural circuits in the mammalian visual system

Clifford Saper

Neural circuitry for hypothalamic functions, including wake-sleep, thermoregulation, drinking, feeding, and stress responses

Thomas Scammell

Neural circuitry of sleep and sleep disorders

Clemens Scherzer

Translational Genomics of Parkinson’s Disease: Cause, Cures, Diagnostics

Thomas Schwarz

Genetics of Neuronal Cell Biology

Rosalind Segal

Molecular mechanisms of Proliferation and Survival in Neural development

Dennis Selkoe

Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's and Parkinsons Diseases

Khalid Shah

Therapeutic and diagnostic stem cells for neurological disorders

Jie Shen

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's Diseases and development of novel therapies

Kristina Simonyan

Neurobiology of Speech Motor Control

Stelios Smirnakis

Principles of Neural Circuit Function and Malfunction in Disease States such as Epilepsy, Autism and Stroke

Beth Stevens

Neuron-Glia Interactions During Development and Disease; Synapse Development and Plasticity; Neuro-Immune Interactions

Gary Strichartz

Molecular Pharmacology of Excitable Membranes

Rudolph Tanzi

Genetic, molecular and biochemical studies of Alzheimer's disease from gene discovery to model systems to novel therapeutics

Randy Trumbower

Mechanisms of spinal plasticity and motor control in humans.

Naoshige Uchida

Neurobiology of decision-making

Hisashi Umemori

Synapse formation and refinement in the mammalian brain

Brian Wainger

How abnormal physiology contributes to motor and sensory diseases.

Christopher Walsh

Development and disorders of the human cerebral cortex

Webb, Christian

Pathophysiology and etiology of depression in adolescents, and neurobiological mechanisms of depressive symptom improvement

Charles Weitz

Molecular Biology of Mammalian Circadian Clocks

Whipple, Amanda

Genomic imprinting in the brain

Ziv Williams

Human and primate social decision making, executive functioning and memory

Rachel Wilson

Neural computations and biophysical mechanisms underlying sensory processing and sensorimotor integration

Clifford Woolf

Adaptive and maladaptive plasticity in sensory and motor systems

Bruce Yankner

Molecular Genetics of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Gary Yellen

Neuronal metabolism and excitability; Fluorescent biosensor imaging; K-ATP channels and anti-epilepsy mechanisms

Tracy Young-Pearse

Neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration of the mammalian brain

Yu, Tim

Molecular neurogenetic mechanisms of human brain development and disease

Junying Yuan

Mechanisms of Programmed Cell Death

Current PiN Faculty

Total Number of Faculty: 135

Men: 102 (76%)

Women: 33 (24%)



Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 8

Boston Children's Hospital: 26

Brigham & Women's Hospital: 7

Dana Farber Cancer Institute: 2

Harvard Institutes of Medicine: 2

Harvard Medical School: 39

Harvard University: 19

Joslin Diabetes Center: 1

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary: 4

Massachusetts General Hospital: 14

MIT: 1

McLean Hospital: 11

Schepens Eye Research Institute: 1

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