First Year of Studies - Overview


PiN's goal for first-year students is to integrate them into the Harvard neuroscience community so that the student may find a lab in which to conduct thesis research.  The choice of lab involves much more than defining a student's research interests; it involves helping the student identify labs that will provide a good match in mentoring style and sense of community.


Orientation events held soon after students arrive on campus prepare students to ask scientific questions and speak about science with peers, and they introduce first-year students to some of the research being conducted by older PiN students.  Course work and rotations help the student identify labs that are investigating scientific questions that interest the student.  To answer the more difficult questions of mentoring style and sense of community, PiN (with invaluable assistance from the Department of Neurobiology) provides numerous regular opportunities for first-year students to socialize with senior students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.

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