Year 3 and Beyond



Dissertation Advisory Committee

After completion of the Preliminary Qualifying Examination, a Dissertation Advisory Committee ("DAC") is formed to oversee the student's dissertation research. The DAC meets formally with the student and thesis advisor every six to nine months to review the student's progress toward graduation.

Annual Updates and Program Meetings

Students in years G3 and beyond will meet for 30 minutes once a year with the student’s SAC advisor. Prior to this meeting, students are asked to fill out an “Individual Development Plan” (or “IDP”) survey which is designed to help guide discussions about progress to degree and career options, and to collect the data routinely needed to renew training grants. Students are encouraged to help set the agenda for these meetings. Students might, for example, want to discuss issues relating to their DAC, their advisor, their ideas for postdoctoral research, or alternative post-graduation options.

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