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Risk List

From Robert Zamenhof, PhD, January 1997

Risks which increase the chance of death by 4 in 10,000,

= The Fatal Cancer Risk from 1 REM

Smoking 28 packs of cigarettesCancer, heart disease
Drinking 200 liters of wineCirrhosis of the liver
Spending 400 hours in a coal mineBlack lung disease
Spending 1200 hours in a coal mineAccident
Living 2 years in New York or BostonAir pollution
Traveling 40 hours by canoeAccident
Traveling 70 hours by bicycleAccident
Traveling 20,000 miles by carAccident
Flying 400,000 miles by jetAccident
Flying 600,000 miles by jetCancer from cosmic radiation
Living 7 years in DenverCancer from cosmic radiation
Living 17 years in a stone/brick Bldg.Cancer from natural radiation
500 chest x-rays or 20 screening mammography studiesCancer from radiation
Living 33 years with a cigarette smokerCancer and heart disease
Eating 1600 tablespoons of peanut butterLiver cancer from aflatoxin B
Living 500 years at the boundary of nuclear power plant in the openCancer from Radiation
Drinking Miami water for 400 yearsCancer from chloroform
Eating 40,000 charcoal broiled steaksCancer from benzopyrene
Based on Table compiled by Richard Wilson, Ph.D., Harvard University and Accident Facts, 1992 (National Safety Council).

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=risk of contracting fatal cancer from 0.7 mrem I don't find this fact as comforting as the author apparently does!

Created February 21, 1997

Douglas J. Wagenaar, Ph.D.,