Picker NEMA Symposium

Feb 15&16, 1996

Picker Nuclear Medical Imaging Systems

Round Table discussion and actual exercises on the factory floor concerning NEMA testing and specification.

Picker Participants:

Sabrina Spangler, National Service Manager
Hugh Morgan, PhD, Staff Physicist
Dick Smith, Service Group
Other Service and factory personnel

This 2 day workshop resulted in a lively interchange with 10 invited physicists from around the country. This was the second such meeting. A previous one was held in Jan 1996.

Picker was looking for ideas and suggestions on what to include in field service test kits and how to help users and physicists in the testing of cameras, without incurring inordinate expenses.

As a participant I learned more details about the testing procedures and how they are currently performed by Picker on Picker cameras.

It confirmed a lot of my own procedures. Some of what I learned can be taken back and used for testing Picker cameras and possibly with other cameras.

About half the time was spent on lab exercises and demos and the other half in discussion of procedures, NEMA specifications and testing philosophy.

A rather nice notebook with Picker testing protocols was distributed. Some of the "hidden" test software was revealed.

Participants shared their own favorite field tests. Considerable discussion was generated on the methods of testing SPECT performance. Trying to do the testing with less variety of phantoms was a common desire.

Physicists of course wanted more support from the mfrs. on testing and supplying phantoms and fixtures. The expense of a large company like Picker having enough of these for use all around the country (world) was pointed out.

27 Mar 1996