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This document is reproduced solely for the convenience of the Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine staff. If has been found that specification sheets are not routinely carried around, but are often discussed in the presence of a networked computer. Therefore, I have posted this specification sheet. When it becomes available from ADAC, I will remove this copy and post the ADAC version, provided it still corresponds to the equipment that we own.

ADAC Vertex Epic Detectors


Document created November 8, 1996;

Intrinsic Spatial Resolution
FWHM3.5 mm3.5 mm
Intrinsic Spatial Linearity
Absolute<= 0.5 mm<=0.35 mm
Differential<=0.2 mm<=0.15 mm
Intrinsic Detector Count Rate Performance
Input 20% Count Rate Loss>=200 kcps
Output 20% Count Rate Loss>=160 kcps
Maximum Detector Count Rate>=250 kcps
Maximum Imaging Count Rate>=200 kcps

Intrinsic Flood Field Uniformity
Integral+/- 2.5%+/- 2.5%
Differential+/- 2.0%+/- 1.5%
Intrinsic Flood Field Uniformity at 75 kcps
Integral +/- 3.5%+/- 3.5%
Differential+/- 3.0%+/- 1.5%
System Spatial Resolution - LEGPIntrinsic Spatial Resolution at 75 kcps
Without ScatterFWHM8.8 mmFWHM3.8 mmUFOV
FWTM16.0 mmFWTM7.3 mm UFOV
With ScatterFWHM9.5 mmIntrinsic Energy Resolution
FWHM <= 9.8%
Whole Body System Spatial Resolution Without
Scatter: 10 cm/min scan speed
Multiple Window Spatial Registration2 - <=0.8 mm
FWHMFWTMFWHMFWTMPoint Source Sensitivity2 <5%
LEGP Collimator9.5 mm16.6 mm10.5 mm18.5 mm
LEHR Collimator8.0 mm14.8 mm8.8 mm15.8 mmSystem Sensitivity3 285 cpm/uCi
Volume Sensitivity per Axial Centimeter - LEGPSystem Volume Sensitivity - LEGP
1.3 x 10? (c/min/kBq/cm2)2.4 x 104(c/min/kBq/cm3)

1Static Imaging 512 Matrix Size
2NEMA 86 Method of Measurement
3System Sensitivity for LEGP for Argus, SH Genesys, and DH Genesys is 265 cpm/uCi
All specifications unless otherwise indicated are NEMA 94 Method of Measurement - Specifications are subject to change.

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