The Web Server for the Passport is functioning (Sept 2001) but only behind the BWH firewall. Outside the firewall users cannot login. If you experience any difficulty accessing the Passport please contact me at

The JPNM Electronic Passport currently sits on a Web Server in Robert Zimmerman's office at the BWH, and available (usually) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Instructions for accessing the JPNM Electronic Passport:

Use Netscape or Internet Explorer. Any recent version.

Browser must be capable of accepting cookies. This is the security mechanism.

Unfortunately the home location for the Passport is my JPNM computer and its location on the network is subject to change. Currently point your browser to:

You will see this screen.

Login as shown below by typing your name and password. (case sensitive):

There are 3 sample residents in the system: New Resident, New Resident2 and New Resident3. All have the password JPNM. The different residents are from different years. The task list differ from year to year.

Then push the "Log on" Button

You will see this screen:

Note the [Log out]. This will appear on EVERY subsequent page. Please use this to remove the cookie. If you fail to do this the cookie will remain active for 24 hours. Someone could access the Passport in an unauthorized fashion.

You can explore the content of the passport by clicking on the link provided.

If you have trouble or have questions contact Robert E. Zimmerman 617 732 7196 or