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Douglas J. Wagenaar, Ph.D.

Annick D. Van den Abbeele, M.D.

Gerald M. Kolodny, M.D.

Thomas C. Hill, M.D.*

Robert E. Zimmerman, M.S.E.E.

Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine
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Boston, Massachusetts

An inordinant amount of my time during the Denver meeting was devoted to establishing and maintaining the network connection for this scientific exhibit. Furthermore, I attended the AAPM task group 9 meeting and engaged in numerous discussions on this topic. I therefore found it particularly amusing that I was assigned the "hot seat" for my trip home:

Document created January 4, 1996; Version 8 modified June 6, 1996;

The authors wish to thank Dr. Jack Correia of the Massachusetts General Hospital for supplying 18F for the detectability experiments.

Douglas J. Wagenaar, Ph.D., wagenaar@nucmed.bih.harvard.edu