Nuclear Medicine Plugin Collection (tp_collection.jar)
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD (
Dates: 2008/5/19: First version
2008/5/19: Updated - Fiji collection
2010/4/20: Updated
2010/12/12: Updated
2011/12/23: Updated

Requires Sun's 445k jimi library for some input/output plugins.
Requires the iText library for "PDF Writer" plugin.
Requires QuickTime and QuickTime for Java for QuickTime plugins on non macintosh platforms.

Source: The configuration file used in tp_collection.jar file is plugins.config.txt and in tp_collectionFiji.jar file is pluginsFiji.config.txt.


to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.


This collection is intended for Nuclear Medicine users who want to get a quick start on selecting plugins. A more experienced user will likely want to select his/her own set of plugins. Note the most recent date above. If it is a long time ago, there are apt to be more up-to-date versions at the primary locations listed below. If you find this collection useful and would like it updated, please let me know.

The following lists the contents of tp_collection.jar or tp_collectionFiji.jar. A few of these plugins are already included in Fiji.


Parker Plugins

  • Align Stacks
    • Alignment
    • Fusion
    • Orthogonal View Display
    • Reorient Stack
    • Show Alignment
    • To AxialTP
    • To CoronalTP
    • To SagitalTP
    • TwoD HistogramTP
  • NucMed
    • 3D Project ... Modification
    • Activity to Moles
    • Compartmental Analysis
    • Copy Pixel Size
    • DICOM Rescale
    • Dispose All Windows
    • Fit Line
    • FoutBy64
    • Histogram Equalization
    • Interfile Decoder
    • Interfile Encoder
    • Lookup Tables
    • Origin Preserving Crop
    • Pixel Size
    • Radiation-Induced Cancer Risk and Rate (Caner_RateTP)
    • Reorder Gated Slices
    • Stack Interleaver



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