Reorder Gated Slices
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD (
Dates: 2001/12/17: First version
2004/11/28: Initial frame display and install options added
Installation: Download Reorder_Gated_Slices.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This ImageJ plugin filter reorders a gated tomographic stack so that the stack can be shown as a cine.  It assumes that the starting sequence has all the anatomic levels from a gating interval in consecutive order.  It makes a new stack with one slice per gating interval.  Each new slice is composed of several anatomic levels.

Install with an arguement containing "black" to change the frame numbers from white to black.  Install with arguement containing "frames=<integer>" to change the initial display so that it displays <integer> by <integer> frames.  For example, "frames=10" will display 10 by 10 frames initially.  "frames=0" or "frames=1" will not show an initial display.
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