NucMed_Image LUTs
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD ( )
after Mark D. Wittry, MD
Dates: 2001/10/31: First version
2007/11/24: ConvertLUT_TP and LUT_Values_TP added.
2010/04/20: Changed from directory lookup to get from resource.
Source: Lookup Tables: Lookup Tables.jar
Lookup Table Loader:
Convert a few text file lookup table formates to ImageJ format:
Show values of the current lookup table in a text window:
Installation: Download:  Only one of:  1) Lookup Tables.jar,  2) all of NucMed,  or 3) all of Nuclear Medicine Collection to the plugins folder.
Description: The jar file contains the Look-up Tables stolen from NucMed_Image written by Mark D. Wittry, MD among others.  The java plugin, Lookup_Tables, will load lookup tables from a .lut resource at Lookup_Tables/.  (The previous version which read files from a directory is available in the jar at NucMed/

ConvertLUT_TP converts a few text file LUT formats into ImageJ LUT files.  Files must have one set of red, green, blue values per line.  The values may have two hexadecimal digits for each value, where the digits are located a fixed character positions.  Or, the values may be decimal numbers separated by commas or tabs.

LUT_Values_TP displays the red, green, and blue values of the current LUT in a text window.  The values are in decimal separated by <tab>.  Run with the <alt> key down to use  <comma><space> as the separator.  The text window can be saved to a file using ImageJ's Save command, just like any other text window.

A macro, LUT_to_768_Byte_LUT.txt, will convert all of the ImageJ readable LUTs in one directory to 768 byte LUTs in a second directory.
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