Interfile Encoder
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD ( )
Dates: 2002/01/15: First version
2002/02/26: Restructured to avoid utility class namespace conflicts.
Source: , , InterfileHDR.txt , InterfileDynamicHDR.txt , InterfileStaticHDR.txt , InterfileTomoHDR.txt , InterfileGatedHDR.txt
Installation: Download Interfile_TP.jar (includes source files) into the plugins directory.  Alternately, download the NucMed plugins, or all of the Nuclear Medicine Collection.
Description: This plugin saves Interfile 3.3 (A. Todd-Pokropek, T.D. Cradduck and F. Deconinck) format nuclear medicine image sets.  Although atrociously designed, DICOM has become the dominant format in nuclear medicine.  However, Interfile remains useful for legacy systems.

The user interacts with Save_As_Interfile.  Save_As_Interfile instantiates InterfileEncoder which uses a model header.  The default model header is the file InterfileHDR.txt.  InterfileDynamicHDR.txt, InterfileStaticHDR.txt, InterfileTomoHDR.txt, and InterfileGatedHDR.txt are model headers similar to the models found in the Interfile 3.3 specification.  They may be copied to InterfileHDR.txt to change the default settings.  InterfileHDR.txt looked for in plugins/NucMed/, plugins/, and finally in the jar file.  Or, Save_As_Interfile can be installed with an arguement which is the filename of the model header in plugins/NucMed/.

The given model headers produce output which is readable by NucMed_Image.  Other model headers may also produce readable output.  Keys which take values but don't have values included in the model headers are set by InterfileEncoder; changing these keys should not affect the output.

InterfileEncoder has been tested on only a handful of images.  I would appreciate receiving information on files which cannot be saved or cannot be read ( ).

The format of the plugins follows the FileSaver in ImageJ.  The InterfileEncoder has been inspired by the interfile encoder in NucMed_Image written by Mark D. Wittry, MD.

To recompile, make sure the NucMed folder is in the classpath, then compile using ImageJ's "Compile and Run ..." option.  (Utility classes are in the package, nucmed, in folder NucMed.)

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