Interfile Decoder
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD ( )
Dates: 2001/12/19: First version
2002/01/30: Minimal support for PARAPET / STIR PET image format added
2002/02/26: Restructured to avoid utility class namespace conflicts
2010/04/21: Changed to work as a .jar file
Source: , , , InterfileDictionary.txt ,
Installation: Download Interfile_TP.jar (includes source files) into the plugins directory.  Alternately, download the NucMed plugins, or all of the Nuclear Medicine Collection.
Description: These plugins read Interfile 3.3 (A. Todd-Pokropek, T.D. Cradduck and F. Deconinck) format nuclear medicine image sets.  Although atrociously designed, DICOM has become the dominant format in nuclear medicine.  However, interfile remains useful for legacy systems.  Since the header file (often .hdr) is logical ASCII text, the user can look at the header and then read the data file with ImageJ's Import / Raw...  This plugin automates that process.

The user interacts with NucMed_Open.  If NucMed_Open is installed with the argument "interfile", then it will only try to open a file as interfile format.  Otherwise, it will first try to open a file as interfile format and then as any of the other formats which ImageJ reads.

InterfileDecoder has been tested on only a handful of interfile formatted files.  I would appreciate receiving any files which cannot be opened ( ).

The format of the plugins follows the DicomDecoder in ImageJ.  The InterfileDecoder has been inspired by the interfile decoder in NucMed_Image written by Mark D. Wittry, MD.

To recompile, make sure the NucMed folder is in the ImageJ classpath, then compile using ImageJ's "Compile and Run ..." option.

(Details:  Utility classes are in the package, nucmed in folder NucMed.  NucMed_Open calls NucMedOpener which is a subclass of the ImageJ class Opener.  NucMedOpener in turn will call InterfileDecoder if the file is in interfile format.  The InterfileDecoder translates the interfile header into a FileInfo object which is used by FileOpener to open the file.)

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