Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD ( J.A.Parker@IEEE.org
Dates: 2007/12/18: First version
2010/04/20: Modified to work from .jar
2010/12/12: Updated to fix crashing
Source: The source files, Fusion_TP.java and align3TP/Fusion.java, are also contianed in Stack Alignment.
Installation: Easiest is to do either the complete Stack Alignment or Nuclear Medicine Collection installation, but not both.  Alternately download Fusion_TP.class to a "plugins/Align Stacks" folder and Fusion.class to a "plugins/Align Stacks/align3tp" folder and restart ImageJ.  If a LookUp Table (LUT) is copied to fusion.lut in the "ImageJ/luts" directory, it will be used as the default LUT.  For example this LUT may be place in "ImageJ/luts".
Description: This ImageJ PlugIn fuses two stacks which have already been aligned.  The fusion implements the equation:
        (1-fusion) * stack1 + fusion * stack2
where fusion is a number between 0 and 1.  The width and height of the two stacks must be the same.

If either stack is a color stack ("8-bit Color" or "RGB Color"), then the stacks are fused as is.  (Note that color formated stacks may only have gray pixel values.)  If both stacks are gray format, then the lookup table, fusion.lut from ImageJ/luts is applied to stack2.  If fusion.lut does not exist, the user is asked to pick a LUT.  A new LUT may be applied to either of the stacks at any time.  Pressing the "Update" button will update the fused image with the new LUT.

The "Make stack" button will make a fused stack.  The fused image or the fused stack can be saved at any time using the ImageJ "Save" and "Save As ..." commands.

The "Toggle color" button will turn color on and off in the fused image.  "Show color bar" will display a color bar showing the lookup table, if any.

Install this plugin with an arguement equal to a LUT name, and that LUT will be used as the fusion defualt.  Install the plugin with the arguement "about", and the about message will be displayed.
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