Authors: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD (J.A.Parker@IEEE.org )
Tony Collins (TonyC@uhnresearch.ca)
Dates: 2001/12/31: First version
2004/3/8: Several changes implemented by Tony Collins which optionally allow the user to select the windows to be closed, and whether to save or not close windows which have been changed.
Source: Dispose_All_Windows.java
Installation: Download: Put Dispose_All_Windows.class in plugins/NucMed/, or download all of NucMed .
Description: This plugin allows the user to select windows to be closed.  Windows which have been changed can optionally be saved prior to closing or they can be closed without saving or they can be left open.

Running this plugin with the <alt> key depressed closes all windows without any dialog.  That function is the same as the first version of this program and similarly to the same function in NucMed_Image written by Mark D. Wittry, MD.
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