Origin Preserving Crop (Crop_Update_OriginTP)
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD (J.A.Parker@IEEE.org
Dates: 2007/12/28: First version
Source: The source file, Crop_Update_OriginTP.java.
Installation: Download Crop_Update_OriginTP.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.  Crop_Update_OriginTP is also included in NucMed.zip see NucMed.
Description: This ImageJ PlugIn crops a stack and updates the origin so it reflects the new upper left position of the image.  The ImageJ Image/Crop operation does not update the origin.  A rectangular region-of-interest must be drawn on the stack prior to running this plugin.

The origin of the image is in the ImagePlus Calibration object.  If "cal" is the Calibration object, then the upper left corner is at location cal.xOrigin,cal.yOrigin,cal.zOrigin.
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