Compartmental Analysis (Compartments_TP)
Author: J. Anthony Parker, MD PhD (
Dates: 2006/01/03: First version
2007/06/11: Isotope decay added
2011/12/23: Updated, correct crash on repeat analysis
Source: The source files are included in NucMed_TP.jar see NucMed.  The plugin source file is; the class file is Compartments_TP.class.  The figures of the models are given in the PowerPoint file, Compartments_TP.ppt.
Installation: Easiest is to download NucMed_TP.jar and unzip in the ImageJ plugins folder.  Alternately, place the Compartments_TP.class file in a sub folder of plugins called NucMed, and save as gif the PowerPoint file in NucMed (the gif images should be in a folder called Compartments_TP).
Description: Operating manual [pdf ].
Compartments_TP is one of the ImageJ plugins in the "NucMed" directory.  It is meant as a teaching tool to explain compartmental analysis for a few limited situations.  For example, it might be used in the context of a molecular imaging course.  This poster shows three examples.

If the plugin is installed with an arguement including "full", "ecf", "slow", "flow", "single volume", "two", or "non-specific", then the respective model is started skipping the first dialog.  If the arguement includes "no model", then the image of the model is not shown.

Abstract presented at Society of Nuclear Medicine, June, 2007.
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