ImageJ with Preloaded Images

Note that the "workstation" comes with images.
Some other images available under "File/Open Sample".
"Image / Stack / Animation" options control cine.

Slomka PJ, Elliott E, Driedger AA: Java-based remote viewing and processing of nuclear medicine images: toward "the imaging department without walls". J Nucl Med 2000 Jan;41(1):111-8.
 Wallis JW, Parker JA:  Use of the Internet for teaching in nuclear medicine.  Semin Nucl Med 1998 Apr;28(2):165-76, Fig 1.

Your browser doesn't support java.

Consider Hot Java from Sun.

Applet java source code. Use view to see html. Note that the images which download automatically are defined by html parameters. Thus, a servlet or cgi could be used to define the images.

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