Stack Algnment with ImageJ


This applet allows the user to try the stack alignment plugin. For example, try the following:

  1. Read the CT and Transmission stacks with the buttons below.
  2. Do Plugins/Stack Alignment/Align3 TP.
  3. Read the Emission stack.
  4. Use the output option to apply the alignment to the emission data.
  5. Read the aligned data (automatically registered) with the buttons below.
  6. Compare images using Plugins/Stack Alignment/Show Alignment.

The CT stack (6.6 MB), and the aligned stacks (3.6 MB and 5.9 MB) may download slowly. The FDG emission (740 kB) and transmission (1 MB) scans are smaller. "File/Open Samples" has other images and stacks which are even smaller.

Your browser doesn't support java.

Consider Hot Java from Sun.

Applet java source code. Use view to see html. Note that the images to which the buttons refer are defined by html parameters. IJ_Props.txt which includes plugins.

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