Physics and Engineering

Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine

The Physics and Engineering group within the JPNM is engaged in education, research and clinical service. The Physics and Engineering group teaches an introductory course in Physics and Instrumentation for the first year residents. This four month course involves didactic sessions, laboratory experiments and problem solving exercises. For advanced residents a course in Image Science is taught in which image reconstruction and image processing are studied in depth. In addition, they contribute to courses conducted by other faculty members.

The research interests of the members of the Physics and Engineering Group include investigation of detectors of ionizing radiation, performance of nuclear medicine instrumentation, development of new imaging instrumentation, development and testing of software corrections for physical effects, imaging with high energy photons and support of faculty and residents in pursuit of their research objectives.

Most of the effort of the Physics and Engineering group is devoted to matters directly related to clinical work. This work can be divided into quality assurance services and those associated with physics, engineering and computer-related activities. All the hospitals must have a quality assurance program for the instrumentation used in nuclear medicine procedures. The Physics and Engineering group designs and supervises this program. Periodic inspections are performed to ensure that this program is achieving the intended goals. Patient dosimetry calculations, design of new clinical tests, engineering services, computer management, new equipment selection and various physics services are provided on a continuing basis to the JPNM hospitals.