The Navigator is a java applet and thus requires a Java-enabled browser to function. Netscape 2.0 and higher on many platforms will provide this functionality.
  • Select slice:
    • Move the red line with the mouse button, or
    • Enter a slice number, or
    • Use keyboard arrows or a/z keys after clicking in text box
  • Select time:
    • Move the scroll bar, or
    • Move the red/blue rectangles to the desired timepoint
  • Select type:
    • Choose from the popup menu, or
    • Move the red/blue rectangles to the desired dataset
  • View subimage:
    • Click and drag the mouse button in either image window to view a subimage of the other image.
  • View 1/4:
    • The '1/4' button toggles (show/hide) a miniature (and thus fast) image of the current slice location.
  • View zoom/overlay:
    • The 'x2' button toggles a zoom/overlay of the current images.
Some details have been altered to protect confi dentiality.
Keith A. Johnson, J. Alex Becker