MR Study #2, February 17, 1991 -- Slice #32
Tour 1: Next/Previous/Start: Look at the large round white spot in the right frontal region. This is a relatively new lesion, and you can see how it enlarges very rapidly over the next weeks. Look at the timeline cine. With time, the lesion enlarges, there is a "halo" of white (high) signal which surrounds the lesion. This probably represents the edema which forms in reaction to the acute damage. At the end of the movie, you can see that the lesion has nearly disappeared, with another lesions appearing.
Tour 2: Next/Previous/Start: On this tour, we will review the morphology and location of smaller lesions. First, look at this slice with the timeline movie, or "cine". Notice the large variety of lesion sizes, ranging from a tiny spot in the left lateral frontal, to the huge lesion in the right occipital.
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